Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Nose Hill October 30, 2019

We met early for an 11km catch-up hike around Nose Hill Park under a beautiful sky yet with a strong biting wind.  We were bundled up and ready to brace against it.  Changes are taking place in The Park which was good to see.  This did mean my usual entrance trail is no longer accessible as is another one, but the two main distinct entrances remain.  New wood fences were being put in place as we speak and the bigger sign looked new to me.   
The sky looked inviting and to me it was saying "spread your wings and go higher & wider!"
We covered a variety of trail types and this kind is my favourite!
a picnic can be wonderful anytime if you embrace the beauty & the elements
(We found this little stone tucked away in a bush.)
the red will survive
a portion of the new fence as we arrived back at our trail head
the 11km route we covered today

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