Sunday, October 20, 2019

Glenbow Ranch Sunrise & Afterglow October 20, 2019

I like this time of year when sunrises are at a respectable time where you don't have to set the alarm and get up and out the door still half asleep.  It's even better when you can witness the event in beautiful surroundings that are almost out your back door.  It's go time so I went!

Event: Capture Sunrise     Date: Today     Location: Glenbow Ranch 

I arrived at the Park and quickly bundled up and headed down hill to the beginning of Yodel. It was calm, peaceful and I could see, well somewhat.  I was the first here this morning and I noticed many deer in numerous locations just standing there and monitoring me.  I ascended Yodel and sauntered along the ridge until the sun began to rise.  
Just as beautiful as the sun rising in front of me, so is the view of the golden glow behind me!
I descended off Yodel to the lower trail which meant I could see the sun rise again and I did.  
As it began coming over the ridge, I watched the glow move over the hills....
 ....and onto the open meadow.  
It was still early enough to capture the glowing colors for a little while longer.  I aimed for some more downhill hiking to Bowbend and followed it for a short section to where it gives me the option to carry on or veer off onto Tiger Lily or Badger Bowl.  
I went for Badger Bowl.  
The glow was still there creating gorgeous colors and now the sky was brightening up with scattered fluffy wavy clouds.  It was still fresh and crisp and I was truly appreciating this morning's experience.  Others were now appearing around corners and up on ridges either running, walking with babies in strollers, with dogs on leash and even backpack training.  
that freshness & crispness offers up frostiness
The morning gloriness showed off snowy mountain peaks that stretched from one end to the other.  
a ranch-like scene
As the morning minutes moved on, the views became even prettier.  
still monitoring me
The kilometers were getting up there and it was time for me to get back up to the parking lot.  
I opted for the steeper, straighter section of Tiger Lily to get me to the top. 
almost there
I made it back to the top and surprisingly it was still very cold up here.  
I captured everything I came here for this morning and even more.  
Now it was time to head home and dream of other kinds of sunrises and sunsets!
Stay tuned!

today's 10 km route

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