Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Nose Hill Attempt May 1, 2019

O.K. I'm being funny with the title of this post!  The attempt was at capturing beautiful photos of crocuses sitting in snow with ice and droplets and against a blue sky.  I was successful with some of this.  I went out the door early because the sky looked promising and the forecast was for some sun.  The sky never did live up to the promise, the sun did not come out and I underestimated the amount of snow and the wind chill.  I did cover 12.2 kilometers when my intention was 10 kms.  I began to realize the pretty was not going to be as pretty as I wished for so after capturing a few photographs I then shifted focus to getting some distance in at a quick pace.  The quickness would work at keeping me warm.  

I see a story in each crocus!

  This crocus makes me think of extra fullness in fur on animals in winter when it's cold.
This crocus looks to have extra fluffed up furry parts on the stems.  
All the signs were covered in a few centimetres of snow.
Four layers on top and two on my head were not enough this morning.  
Many of the crocuses showed their age with brown spots in places.  
These brown spots were not due to the sun but I think due to cold & snow.
This crocus stood upright through ice & snow. 
Nothing was going to get it down.
It's May and I am still using a winter frame.
It's May and this crocus is reaching peak performance.
Turning its back to protect itself against the elements!
This is my favourite crocus photo of the day.
I see it shedding a tear!
Blowing in the wind!
This is today's 12.2 kilometre route.  
I never really want my outings to end but today I was so thankful to be back at my car and even more happy when I got home.  I was chilled to the bone and it took time to warm up even after turning the heat up, drinking hot chocolate and wrapping myself in a blanket.  My head hurt from my pigtails being too tight and it took a while for that to go away even after taking the bands off my hair.  I made a good attempt at having a successful time being "out & about" but the stars cannot align every time!


  1. A wonderful flower, I didn't know it. Now I want to try to find such plant here, in Italy.

  2. Unbelieveable cold and sensational images. No 5 and 9 are my favourites, but all winners.


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