Sunday, May 12, 2019

East Ventures West (Banff National Park Lake Louise) May 12, 2019

I took full advantage of staying at Lake Louise and was up and out the door before sunrise.  My friends were still fast asleep, so I snuck out.  I purchased a coffee from the 24/7 cafe inside the Chateau, then went out for a walk.   It was sprinkling a bit and there was total cloud cover.  A few people were down by the Lake with their cameras set up waiting for sunrise.  I worked my way back there and settled in a spot and began the wait with the others.  We chatted a bit and just waited patiently.  
Then it began!

a bit of blue and a dull pink hue
more blue
then the light shone on the glacier and reflected in Lake Louise
the golden glow grew bigger and brighter
the water was still and the pieces of ice showed off their reflections
the blue got bigger and bluer
the sun had risen and the day began
It was still early so I walked along the Lake shore.  The open water sections were showing off pretty shades.  I stood for awhile admiring Fairview Mountain.  I love when I am up on top of that mountain and look forward to a couple of months down the road when it will be safe to head up.
I messaged my friends and they were up now just chatting.  I went back to our room to chat a bit then we got ready and went down the hall for a wonderful and filling breakfast.  I already knew I would not need a lunch when we were done here.   

We checked out and then drove back to Banff and then back to Calgary.  I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to experience a weekend like we did.  It was great to catch up with my childhood friend.  She is on the verge of an exciting time in her life.  I know when things settle down we will hit the trails together.  Thank you for opening your home to us and for including us in experiencing another side of this mountain lifestyle in Banff and in Lake Louise! 

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