Thursday, May 9, 2019

East Ventures West (Kananaskis) May 9, 2019

I really wanted to show off what Kananaskis is all about as it is a favourite go to place of mine!  I knew a picnic location that would be ideal for us to hang out at for the day.  The double table spot at Wedge Pond offered the peace, the views, a spot to have a fire and hang my hammock.  The double table place also offers just enough openness to create a comfort level where we could relax without checking over our shoulders ever second.    
Upon arrival, we unloaded the car and moved on in.  It appeared there had been a recent fire in the pit.  We utilized the wood left behind by prior picnicers to get the fire started then chopped the wood we brought.
With East venturing West, I had to put a stop to the wish for a bonfire. 
Her specialty is creating bonfires on beaches.     
 our western mountain/prairie style fire
 The day got quite warm and the fire became more for ambiance than warmth.
It was tea time!  I brought both my Trangia and Pocket-Rocket.  The Pocket-Rocket got the water boiling in no time and we steeped our tea then savoured that with an assortment of cheeses and crackers.
 Our day was all about just hanging out!
 I scooted down slope to capture a shot of Wedge Pond.
 It was a still day!
We relaxed, we dined, we shared stories, we hung out!  
My hammock is made for two so we had plenty of room.  
Late into the afternoon it clouded over and cooled off.  We steeped more tea and made a toast to our day in Kananaskis before packing up and heading on home.  A friend told me this site should be renamed to include my name as it seems I am taking over the spot with numerous visits lately.
I was pleased with how today turned out. Wedge Pond was deep enough into Kananaskis Country to comfortably get the feel for what this area is all about.  While we have known each other for about 45 years, today we both learned even more about each other.   That just makes our bond even stronger!   

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