Sunday, April 28, 2019

Nose Creek & Trans Canada Trail April 28, 2019

It's been quite some time since I strolled through the Birth Forest, or hiked along the Nose Creek Pathway.  I had no intentions of doing that today but that's where I ended up and it was the perfect morning to explore there.  Originally I planned to head further away from my neighbourhood but when I looked out my window and saw how much snow had fallen through the night, I decided I was not going to be the first one to drive the roadway out to the main drag.  My car would not make it.  I could make it out on foot though and fortunately the Nose Creek Pathway is just short of a kilometer away out my front door.

the Birth Forest trail looked like it was lined with sparklers going off 
There was over the knee deep snow in the neighbourhood to break trail through to get to where the true trail begins.  Once at the park entrance there were snow drifts scattered here and there, I worked my way around them.   
big snow drifts
Before heading to the Nose Creek Pathway, I meandered through the Birth Forest.  
Small bushes were weighted down with lots of heavy wet snow.  
The scene gave the appearance of ignited sparklers.  
At the end of April I did not expect to use a winter frame but this photo is worthy of a wintry frame.  
some of the older trees planted representing babies born since 2007
just enough snow just enough cold for Mother Nature to create a display
snow drifted high against the fence
The floor of the Nose Creek Pathway was somewhat protected so did not receive as much snow accumulation.  It was a pretty place for my Sunday stroll.  There were numerous bridges that crossed Nose Creek.
In one section along the Creek, there were many birds tucked into the side.  I could see they were well into the bush that was covered with snow.  They probably nestled in there late yesterday when the snow started and the wind came up and the temperature dropped.
I could see they had ice built up on their feathers.
I learned something new today!  The Trans Canada Trail is incorporated into the Nose Creek Pathway.    I followed this trail west for quite a distance.  The signs looked fairly new.  A number of years ago I had been down in this area but it looked different today.  It appears a new trail has been built.
A long stretch of the Trans Canada Trail was covered in ice.
The Trail had a very small amount of elevation gain, but enough to take me high to where I could see Nose Hill off in the distance.  I thought about what it might be like up there right now and if the crocuses would be covered in ice or even visible through all the snow.  
I had gone far enough and it was now around time!
I had my spikes on so ice was not an issue.
This is the 8 kilometre route I covered this morning.  In one spot on the left it looks like my gps skipped a beat but that was not the case, I had to do out and backs.  The Trans Canada Trail took me close to another neighbourhood.  Another time when the snow is gone,  I will return here and walk further on the Trail to see where I end up.

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  1. Your post brings me to a magic and unknown world: all that snow, the mountains......: beautiful!!!
    I love the pics with the birds too (I am an animal lover).


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