Thursday, April 18, 2019

Nose Hill Sunrise April 18, 2019

There was no time to lounge around this morning, I had a plan to attack and it meant getting out the door really early and up to Nose Hill Park for sunrise.  I have been wanting to see what "Nose Hill Lake" looks like during those sweet golden moments in the early morning.  After parking the car, I had to get up that hill and be sure to take the correct path that lead to the Lake.  I got there with time to spare and how pretty it was!  
the hill I needed to get up quickly
I got distracted along the way.  
Things kept catching my eye.  
a crocus bouquet during the golden moments
so alive and so cheerful and so bright and so precious
I made it to the rock pile and just had to make sure I took the right path from here.
It was much prettier than I thought it could be!
I stayed a little while to see what might transpire!
If I saw nothing else up on Nose Hill this morning that would not be a problem as I felt fulfilled with what I witnessed already. I carried on past the Lake walking through the trees and then came out into the open.  The light was still lovely.  When I looked behind me it looked like the ocean meeting the sky but it was the layers of clouds that gave off that look.
Working towards completing the loop I was pretty sure there would be more crocuses nearing the end.  I found the slopes carpeted with blooms at all stages.  There were many single flowers and a few bouquets like this one.  
a shadow shot to end with
This was today's 8 kilometre route.

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