Monday, April 1, 2019

Glenbow Ranch April 1, 2019

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Fun Day Monday

On Sunday she shall rest so that means on Monday she shall not!  I went to bed last night with not an inkling of what Monday would look like.  It was a different story when I woke this morning.  I wanted a fun day.  I was on the road by 6:45 and hiking by 7:15.  I drove through an almost white-out on the 1A but that did not deter me.  I carried on down to the parking lot at Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park just east of Cochrane.  In a matter of about 15 minutes it cleared and it turned into a gorgeous early Monday morning. 
The path was still covered in snow.  
The sun had just come up.  
The sky turned pink in places.
 The ground was frosty and the clouds were fluffy!
 no one was home here
 As I hiked along the ridge top the clouds began to spread and let light shine through.
Then the sky turned such a pretty blue.  
I hiked up Scot Hill and then back down and continued on across the tracks then headed to the river. I covered the other river loop this time.  I remembered there being a big nest in the trees beside the Bow River.  I was curious if it would still be there and if anyone would be home.  I found the nest!
Instead of returning along the ridge, I made my way around the back side of it and followed that path through the rolling hills.  The snow stuck around but not all the clouds did.  They continued to move away and offer up even more beautiful blue.
 This is why I like early mornings out at Glenbow Ranch!
There is no which way about it, no matter what direction you are returning by, it is up hill.  I got up the hill and still had to make up a bit of distance so I didn't arrive back at the car with under 10km of ground covered.  A minute down the trail to the pretty picnic place made up the distance I needed.
 the last section of trail 
 This is the 10.5km route I covered this morning.

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