Friday, October 12, 2018

Nova Scotia Colours Retreat 7 Sept/Oct 2018

I received a keepsake booklet  from my friend that included wonderful photos and sayings.  As I turned the pages the first saying that captured my attention was "No two waves are alike."  I pondered those words!
My friend and I create our own waves.  In numerous ways we are so different yet in many other ways we are so alike.  We have visited with each other for very short periods of time the past two years and this get-together marked the third.  The minute we see each other, we carry on effortlessly from where we left off a year ago.
A two minute walk awaits us.  It brings us to where we feel carefree, leaving all stresses behind and to where we feel the sea air fill our souls.  The name of that little booklet she gave me is "Sea & Soul".

We enjoyed the sights and sounds that come with strolling along on a beach.  We were surprised and excited to see the Pearl Mist come so close to us as it aimed for the Pictou dock just a hop skip and a jump down the shoreline.

Another saying from my keepsake booklet that grabbed my attention is "I forget my age when I'm at the beach."  I do!  I really do!  I didn't realize that before but now I know I do!  I really do!  Do you?

We walked the beach at sunset time hoping for a sunset but we were denied that.  I collect beach glass and the beaches that I had access to from my home away from home and that I called mine were splattered with pieces of it.  This heart shaped piece was a treasure to find!

One of the reasons I came to Nova Scotia in October was to be witness to the colourful autumn shades.  I planned to invest a huge amount of time chasing those colours.  My friend was keen to join in the chase.  She was our driver and we covered country road after country road after country road. The weather was not user friendly but we both know how to save a day. 



I'm happy we got to share some precious time.  In numerous ways we are so different yet in many other ways we are so alike.  You look right at home and like you belong.  That's how I felt when I sat in that chair with either my morning coffee or my evening wine.  

              Hold tight right there and we will carry on next year!


  1. What a special friend to be able to share all this amazing autumn colour with. stunning photos as always. Ans now what will the mountains bring? They certinly have gained lots of snow in your absence.

    1. I guess it will soon be time to move my snowshoes from the basement to my front door!


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