Monday, October 8, 2018

Nova Scotia Colours Retreat 6 Sept/Oct 2018

Just go, with a direction in mind but not a specific place.  Just go to see, with colours in mind but not specific shades.  Just go, with a time frame in mind but no specific deadline.  Just go!  I went to Prince Edward Island.  I saw autumn foilage hues, I saw shades of summer flowers, I saw the blues of the ocean.  I far exceeded my time frame but that happens when you just go!
Sunrise this morning was short yet very sweet.  That gave me more time to focus on getting ready and out the door early.  The weather forecast prediction was cloud and sun and sprinkles, I predicted pretty and colourful and enjoyment.
I remembered from a prior visit to Tatamagouche an area where there could be potential for bright and pretty colours.  When I arrived it was cloudy, I was a tad disappointed about that.  I chatted with a fellow who I saw walking down a street a few minutes earlier dragging his kayak behind him.  He went straight to the water and paddled away.  I was envious.


A short distance down the road is Pugwash.  What a funny name!  It's a cute, pretty, small town on the water and this place is loaded with character.  Pugwash is the home of Seagull Pewter and the Thinkers Lodge.

I remembered in my google earth and google maps googling there was a beach along the way that would be deserving of investing some time, so invest I did.

There were so many spots along the way that enticing me stop and admire.  The water vistas were amazing and I was feeling that feel I feel when I am on the edge of it.  I wanted more!
I crossed the border into New Brunswick and followed the #1 TransCanada Highway.  There were options to veer off but I went for it.  I passed the last chance to back off then after that I was committed to going to Prince Edward Island.  I was on the Confederation Bridge and I could see PEI approaching. What an experience!  I wonder what it would.d like to drive this bridge in the winter.  
It looked and felt like summer here.  I did not venture far inland.  I visited for an hour checking out scenery and souvenir stores.  It was past lunch time so devoured my lunch.  

It was time to head back to the mainland, my home land, Nova Scotia. The blue sky was ahead of me and I enjoyed that for much of the return trip.  A few stops were in order to capture more beauty, then it was onward homeward. 

A day like today is what happens when you just go!  I felt fulfilled and pleasantly depleted by the time I sat on my sofa with a glass of Two Oceans in my hand.  The sun had set, and I set my eyes on yet another "just go" day ahead.  

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