Saturday, October 20, 2018

Carry Ridge & Valley October 20, 2018

One of the many things that I am enjoying about this time in my life is that the words "routine" and "structure" do not exist in my vocabulary like they did for many, many years up until a couple of months ago.  With the possibility now of mountain play time filling seven days a week, it makes me happy that any day can be the big digit day, not just Saturday and any day can be the rest day, not just Sunday.  I now have the luxury of working even more so on "remembering to breathe" in many more ways.  Today I enjoyed meeting up with friends from the past and with making new friends.  

Today we embraced sunshine, sauntering, sharing!
For me I felt a warm, wonderful, welcome!
Our plan for today was to hike along Carry Ridge, find our way down into the Valley at the end of the Ridge, then follow the Valley back.  I have been up on Carry Ridge in the past but the Valley section would be new to me.  We geared up at the trail head under a blue sky and no wind, yet it felt bitter cold.
After the up hill and then that big downhill filled with mud, we worked our way out towards the meadow and the fence that would lead us to the ridge.  A mere maybe 30 minutes later it was already time to dress down to bare head, bare hands and for some bare arms.
We followed the fence then reached the beginning of the Carry Ridge ridge-walk.  My favourite thing about out in this neck of the woods would be the trembling aspen trees.  They lined the trail, at times they created arch ways.
A bit later, not much, lots more of us were down to short sleeve shirts and rolled up pant legs.  
The temperature hoovered around +20C.  
We enjoyed the sunshine and conversations.  
my destination shot along Carry Ridge
taking time to see what there is to see
After a lengthy lunch on a wide open slope wrapped in warmth from the bright sunshine, we carried along Carry and then descended into the Valley below.  There were scattered sections of snow, tonnes of fallen leaves and loads of mud, soft & squashy & deep!  It took time to get through here and the focus was heads down watching foot placement.   Part way through we met up with a solo hunter.  While this should not be unexpected at this time of year, I was surprised.  In his camouflage with rifle in hand and nothing else, we shared some pleasantries and went on our way.  

We came out of the forest section of the valley and aimed for the fence to follow it back to where we came.  We opted to cross over to the other side to avoid the steep uphill climb that would now be a mud fest.   
 Crossing this bridge would afford us an easy dry ending to our day.
I thought this area was so pretty.  
I liked the lighting and the shadows.  
I lingered a bit taking in this last view.  
To be gifted such beautiful weather for mid October was a blessing. 
Thank you for today!

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  1. I think I missed how you are able to no longer work. You look way too young to be retired. Let me know your secret!


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