Monday, October 1, 2018

Nova Scotia Colours Retreat 2 Sept/Oct 2018

Yesterday I drove a part of the Lighthouse Route then today we drove a part of the Sunrise Trail.  The "Trail" routes veer you away from the major highways and are winding, slower going roads that pack a scenery punch.  This was an out & back day away.  I had an idea of wishes for today, they were fulfilled with an added bonus here and there, well actually everywhere.  I hoped for colour, ocean views, unique sightings, and of course visiting a lighthouse.

I picked up my "partner in crime soul sister" and we went road trippin!  I am fine with big city round-abouts but these small town designs confused me but we got to the other side in one piece.  From there on it was stop after stop after stop so we could get up close and personal with the heart warming Sunrise Trail uniqueness.  

Below is a sampling of what this "Trail" affords those who venture here.  

We drove out to Big Island to see the beach and to find the tall tree carvings.  While here I was reminded of the open, sincere, welcoming nature of the locals.  A lady crossed the road to come chat and quite some time later I suggested we get going to the wharf as I had fear we would be invited in for tea and biscuits and that would be the end of our road trippin.  

We stopped at a beautiful park in Arisaig to have our picnic.  It was in Arisaig where we saw the first Lighthouse of the day.  The wind and waves filled the air with that soothing fresh sea smell.

We carried on to Cape George which was our end point.  I got to see the church that means something to our family from the generosity of my Mom.  The Cape George Lighthouse perched proud and tall in the cliff.  The reason there is a photo of a house is because of the blue lawn chairs, they are fish.

We walked out to the Culloden Memorial Cairn in Knoydard.  Lots of history is found along this "Trail".  Nova Scotia means New Scotland, which means Scottish names, traditions, memorials, foods, drinks, clothing can be found here, there, everywhere here.  I love that!





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