Saturday, May 5, 2018

Wedge Pond Picnic May 5 2018

It had been quite some time since we shared a picnic in a park.  Our schedules were open, then the forecast aligned to be in our favour, so that meant go-time.  Off we went!  We aimed for Kananaskis "where life begins" and checked around for an ideal spot where we could just hang out for hours on end.  Wedge Pond turned out to be our destination for today.  
The scenery surrounding Wedge Pond is pretty.  It was open enough, it was sheltered enough.   It was quiet enough yet we still had that feeling of being around civilization which afforded us a comfortable feeling where we did not bother with looking over our shoulders for wildlife.   I did keep my bear spray close by though.  
Our picnic consisted of a feast.  I brought along my Trangia so we could have hot garden vegetable soup to pair with our salmon sandwiches.  We shared veggies & dip, chips & popcorn, savoured fruit & cookies & pickles & humus & pretzels.  
Maggie Muggins and I had tonnes to catch up on.   
We told stories, we remembered past picnics.
Our chat was serious sometimes,
then there was time to laugh!
After filling up on our feast, we moved from the picnic table to settle in and get a little more comfy.  First I scooted down by Wedge Pond to capture a scenery shot.  I was surprised to see there was still no open water.  Its the season and we were entertained with the sights and sounds of avalanches.  The close by ones were incredibly thunderous and made my heart beat a little faster then the far off ones just lightly rumbled.  
I love my new toy!  It's an air lounger!  I tried it out for the first time today.  It sets up in a matter of a couple of minutes and is the most comfortable thing.  A neighbouring picnicker was curious so dropped by to give it a try.  He never saw one before.  I have a feeling he may be picking one up for himself.
We used it as a foot rest.
After a couple of hours, we went back for some seconds.  
As the afternoon was nearing the end, we packed up all our picnic products and headed north.  We went for a drive through the Mount Kidd Campground which was very busy.  I got a closer up view of the Mount Kidd Lookout area from within the campground. I have never been up there.
 We stopped by Barrier Lake to take in one last mountain view before aiming for the highway home.  

It makes me happy when days like today just fall into place.  Kananaskis has so much to offer, it lives up to that saying "life begins at Highway 40".  We both have a love for the mountains in a whole different way and we both appreciate the health benefits we receive from being out amongst them.  Thank you for a wonderful day!

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