Sunday, May 6, 2018

Nose Hill Park May 6, 2018

I was so caught up in life's happenings that I almost let crocus season slip on by.  What is spring without going on a crocus hunt. I knew something was missing and spring felt a bit empty.  I made Nose Hill Park my target today with hopes I might spy a crocus or two or three.  Well I spied hundreds!  I was excited to see the blooms were thriving and it appears to be a bumper crop this year. 
I parked at my favourite close to home lot and followed the path up the hill.  
I didn't make it very far before I got caught up in a garden of delight.
just me
 and a bee
after feeling full from focusing on flowers
it was time to work my way back to the parking lot and head on home.

Hiking in a short sleeve shirt last weekend, 
enjoying a picnic yesterday, 
walking through hills of crocuses today, 
now it feels like spring to me! 


  1. Replies
    1. It did not appear bothered by me at all so I was able to get really close in!

  2. Such lovely images captured.


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