Sunday, May 27, 2018

Nose Hill Park May 27, 2018

My friend threw the idea out there that we should head somewhere for a walk.  I jumped on the idea!  I threw out the suggestion of heading up onto Nose Hill. She jumped on the idea!  I had other ideas in mind to throw at her up there.  I'm not sure she knew what she was getting herself into.  When the time game to toss my idea at her, she jumped in and I jumped in and things got a little rocky!
Our intentions were to walk & talk & practice flowery macro shots.
 Breathe in the fresh air and get a bit of exercise.  
We hit the trail and aimed wondrously.  
It was hot & sunny!
It's between seasons for flowers up on the Hill.  
In another couple of weeks there should be a colorful presentation.  
That intention of practicing macros fell by the way side.  
What was more favourable was spending time at Nose Hill Lake.  It's prime season up on the Hill for lakeside entertainment.  In another couple of weeks the lake will probably be too shallow or even dried up.   As we veered away from the water, I began to look for a place where we could hang out for a snack and then.....
.....rock & roll!
I have been wanting to get out and play with my air lounger.  It takes practice and work to be able to settle into it and just relax.  I'm learning!  We were at a cross-road, which was a busy one today.  We were not the only ones entertained.  It took many tries with lots of rocking and rolling and belly laughs, but we finally..... it right!
It was then time to move on down the Hill.  My friend packed this thing up tiny and it fit right back into the pouch it came in.  We hit the trail in the direction that would take us on a loop.  Of course, I need to admire the clouds.  I like how the cloud looks like it is taking off from where the tree top ends.
We intersected the main trail and made our way back to the parking lot.  

My goal is get that air lounger up on a mountain top or a wide ridge and fill it right to the end with wholesome mountain air.  Four of us can cozy up on it up on top and just lounge back & hang out.  

It was a most enjoyable time up on The Hill.  It is forever green right now but that won't last long if we don't get some rain soon.  That green did pair perfectly with the blue sky and those wispy clouds.     I always appreciate Nose Hill Park for being an escape from city life while being right in the center of the city.



  1. Ahhh, air lounger. I've been thinking to get one of those. How sturdy are they on rocky ground?

    1. I try to stay away from rocky ground so I don't puncture a hole in it. I find I need to get on it slowly and gently so it does not tip over. Once you get settled on it, it is fine and stays balanced.


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