Saturday, April 28, 2018

Aylmer Junction Campground April 28, 2018

Saturday's sensational stellar sunny synopsis dictated that I needed to be out there, some where!  I wanted obvious visual spring conditions and what I truly like about this time of year is when the lakes begin to shed their snow & ice and present blues of all shades and pieces of ice of all shapes.  I felt for easy enough to where the work was minimal and the views vast.  I hit the trail to the Aylmer Junction Campground early but first spent some time down on the lake shore of Minniwanka.   
I got a little down & dirty trying to capture the intricate edges of the ice formations.
After investing some early morning quiet time by the Lake, I aimed for the trail to Stewart Canyon, then began to ascend to the trail that would lead me to my destination.  The trail conditions were ideal.  The sun already beat down hotly.   
I made it to the junction and then veered right to pass through the Aylmer Junction Campground (LM8) and then on down to the beach.  Oh life's a beach!  The campground was deserted as was the beach.   
In May of last year I ventured up to that center high point, Aylmer Lookout.  
I had no interest in going there today as today was all about easy and beachy.
There was no open water here and the edge of the lake was thick with ice and packed snow.  It was an easy stroll for about a kilometer and I was probably on the edge of LM9 but not sure.  The ice shards fell away as I ran my fingers along the edge of the ice block.  I sat and played with them and this is was transpired.
Spring time in the Rockies
Still the area remained deserted.  Yet once I made it back to the Junction I began to meet up with bikers, hikers and back-country campers.  In a matter of a couple of hours, the shoreline began to offer up open water of beautiful colors.  
Back at the bridge over Stewart Creek.
The day had developed incredibly and I was no where near ready to leave it behind.  I found a spot back at Lake Minniwanka that I could own.  I settled down where I had a great 360 degree view and just appreciated everything that was right before my eyes.
I picked this to be my view as I snacked and just relaxed.  
The colors were amazing as were those fluffy pillowy clouds.  
This one last view that pretty much captures everything is what I turned my back to as I made my way along the trail to the parking lot.  Today really felt like spring finally.  The fire is ignited to experience what is out there as spring continues to unfold. 

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