Friday, February 2, 2018

La Quinta CA February 2, 2018 Date with the Desert

I can't remember ever twirling as much as I did on today's  Bear Creek Oasis hike.  I completed this hike a few years back on my first ever trip to this paradise.  I opted to visit it again because now it means something different as it is in the area that I have been seeing every time I look out my front window or sit on my balcony.  I needed a hike close by because I wanted to be out in the midst of it all as today woke up.  I was at the trail head at 6:30am.
The moon was still up, the sun was still behind a mountain peak, the colours were glorious and in amongst all the beauty the coyotes were howling.  It was an eerie feeling so I was comforted there were other people already out doing their morning constitutional.  

To the west was colourfully glowing yet to my left was dramatically dark. I did not want to miss the second the sun shone above the peak.     
The moon seemed to begin moving quickly so I did too.  I wanted to catch it setting between the peaks.  I knew I was witnessing a special sight.

The coyotes were still howling, by now the other people had returned from where they came, for me it was time to get going through the wash and begin the ascent.
                  The tips of the foothills were lightening up.
I wanted to catch the rays the second the sun peeked from behind the peak.  This took a little time.  I moved back and forth trying and trying, I took many many many photos and got one that works for me.
The ascent was so enjoyable with many turns and switchbacks, I was seeing in every direction.  I was excited for every turn.  I could not remember much from when I was here before.

I did remember that eventually I would be high enough that I could see San Jacinto off to the west.  I continued climbing and there it was.  I climbed some more until I reached the high point of the trail.  This would be today's destination so worthy of my summit shot, some snacks, and some time to just be.

After just being, it was time to head back down.  There was so much going on in the sky today.  I thought about all the plane trails and where people may be coming from and how lucky for them.
Boo Hoff is away out there somewhere.  It all looked the same so I was not able to pick exactly where I was the other day.
By standing in this exact spot I was able to line up the cactus to the clouds.

I arrived back down where it was wash time again but did not last long.  I could see two coyotes down the wash coming in my direction so I moved to the right and found a way up onto a low ridge where there was a mountain bike trail and followed it back.

I arrived back at the palm tree picnic area and carried on through back to my car.  
It was a hot day with the heat high even at 6:30am when I started hiking.  Today I didn't mind it, I guess I have acclimatized. I wondered about many things along the way today.  When I am "out & about" soloing not only do I take loads of time to "remember to breathe" I also invest time in working through life's happenings.  I covered lots of ground today physically and mentally.  

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