Monday, February 19, 2018

Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park February 19, 2018

It's Family Day and I want to play!  We are gifted this day in recognition of sharing time with family and even though I am a family of one here right now, I was still going to celebrate the day in a way that brings joy.  While we are not having our cake and eating it too these days weather-wise, I will take the good driving conditions plus a blue sky and just deal with the -30C Windchill.  With a few hours to fill, I hit Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park,  just a couple of klicks east of Cochrane on the 1A. It was a nice smooth sail which continues to build back up my winter driving confidence.     

I hiked light today but dressed not light at all then went on my way down the hill into the valley where I spent most of my time.  Before heading there I did see there would be no picnicking nor sitting by the fire on this holiday.  
The trail leads to......
wide open spaces
and fenced off places
I ventured over to the other side of the tracks.  I had intentions of going down by the river but the trail  was snow covered, shin high, no one had been and I wasn't going to be the first.  Instead I enjoyed the meadow, I made it snow, burned off energy and then relaxed in the cold sun.   
I hope your day was touched by love of some kind!

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