Saturday, February 10, 2018

Confederation Park X-C Ski February 10, 2018

I had such a strong desire to be out in all that great big snow today, 
because deep down inside, 
I am winter!

I did all my home work last evening and refreshed it this morning.  I picked my sport and my destination and made sure the coast was clear to get there.  As all locals know, the city streets are treacherous.  I never did make it to the highway!  I lost my nerves and almost my cookies when a speedster spun out of control beside me and stopped within an inch of hitting my driver side door.  He got himself heading straight then took off speeding again near hitting the car ahead of me.  I pulled off on a side street to gather my composure.  I needed to save this Saturday and it was not going to be continuing with the plan already in place.  

I didn't get to play out in the mountains in that great big snow but I did get to enjoy the early morning peacefulness X-C Skiing at Confederation Park.  It was me and a skate-skier for the first while.  The tracks were groomed last night and I was the first in them this morning.   The sun was coming up as I stepped into the tracks.

Shy of two hours later I aimed for the parking lot which was now about a third full.  I was able to let go of my staying in the city disappointment and be thankful for this wonderful facility right smack in the middle of Calgary at Confederation Park.  Tomorrow is another day!

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  1. That sure is a lot of 'beautiful' snow. So glad your day wasn't ruined by that idiot.
    Keep smiling!


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