Thursday, February 1, 2018

La Quinta CA February 1, 2018 Date with the Desert

When I planned this trip I also picked hikes which I would like to do.  The first couple held true but the rest fell by the wayside and I have been deciding in the morning what direction to head.  I hiked the West Fork in Indian Canyons today which was a split second decision as I walked out my front door. Before hitting the trail I verified the route with the Tribal Ranger.  I delayered and departed. 

The route began with a short steep descent, then a stroll through a palm forest, then the climb began.  This trail takes you high real quick.  You can see down and across to where the Parking Lot and Trading Post are.  
Looking behind me the lighting is unbelievable.  I kept looking back more than looking ahead and I was not covering much ground.  I tried to focus with moving forward.

Ahead of me it was the rock formations and colours that were pretty.  
                                  looking back again
                                   looking forward again 
The route continued to steeply climb on a defined trail that worked its way through rock formations that were colourful and photogenic.  The greens in places popped as did a cactus here and there.

I took a last look back as I could see I would now be heading a bit down and off to a whole different looking landscape.

It seemed so desolate out back here.  There was not a soul around.  I truly enjoyed it.  I could see trails off in the distance but they were vacant.  I climbed some more, then descended to an intersection.

This intersection area would be my turn around point.  First I scooted a little higher to capture a destination shot and to have some snacks.  You know, it felt like every time I placed my foot on the ground here, I was at a destination.  The whole place was so beautiful.
                                      cactus collection

I made it back to the switchbacks that would lead me back down to the palm forest, or oasis I should say.
Then I just had the last short steep climb back up to the parking lot.  I totally felt fulfilled again today with this hike.  I made it back to my home away from home to enjoy a cold beer, a siesta, dinner and watch the clouds dance as the sun set.

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  1. Really glad to hear you are enjoying your hikes! I love the desert!


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