Saturday, December 16, 2017

Rummel Lake & Meadows December 16, 2017

IT'S TRADITION!  A number of years back a few of us began the tradition of decorating a tree in the Christmas spirit out in our mountain playground.  We pick a destination where we are quiet sure there will be a perfect tree for us and where there is scenery.  We collect a few favourite decorations off our Christmas trees at home, pack them in our pack, then adorn that special tree.  Today we snowshoed up to the meadow above Rummel Lake and there were trees galore to choose from.  This year we were only two taking part in this celebration and this is our tree! 

We arrived at the trail head with -19 Celsius showing on the dash.  We geared up as much as possible inside the vehicle and left the last finishing touches to be done outside.  Thank goodness the wind was non existent as we exited to brave the elements.  We completed the gearing-up process and then we dashed off!  The trail was hard packed and thank goodness again, no breaking trail in deep snow was necessary.  
 I can't help but admire scenes like this.
It was quite frigid through the final forest section and then we popped out at Rummel Lake in sunshine with blue sky and a tad bit of warmth. A few snowshoers were settled here snacking.  We only stopped for a few minutes preferring to get to our destination.
We carried on past the lake and broke trail up to the meadow.   
We arrived at Rummel's Meadow and meandered for awhile looking for our perfect tree.  It was not an easy choice as there were so many calling out to us.  We picked one we liked and then fancied it up.  These are just a few our decorations.
me and the tree
our tree
 After decorating our tree, we continued to work up an appetite.  
While Short Stop's snowshoe is in the air, the ball on my Santa hat made it up into the air.
Lunch was held in a sheltered spot amongst some trees where we had a view of our tree and the mountains behind it.  The wind had picked up as did the chill.  We did not dine for long, just long enough to get some energy back.  Before beginning the snowshoe trek back, we aimed up trail a little way and captured some shots of Rummel Pass in the background.
 looking off to Rummel Pass at the bottom of the V
Downhill from the meadow to the lake was fun.  The snow was soft and deep.  
In no time at all we were back at Rummel Lake.  
We took time to appreciate the scenery around it.  
 Rummel Lake
 of course we incorporated a little play time
We made quick time of getting back through that frigid forest section.  It was late into the afternoon and the lighting was ideal.  We were both so intrigued with this view and could not get enough of it.  It looked like something but we were not quite sure what.  It was so pretty!
 I took one last photo from the last wide open view spot.  
Then it was time to head home!
I thought about many things as we quietly and quickly snowshoed the last final stretch.  I thought about how incredibly beautiful this place was today.  I also thought about how I would like to say to each of you that I'm.......

Thank you for today!


  1. Definitely a joy filled post to read. So close, yet so far. Happy Christmas.
    Absolutely gorgeous pics.

  2. You live in such a beautiful place. And you have way more snow than we do. I've occasions come upon random Christmas trees in the woods...a fun thing to do!

    1. Mary there was not as much snow there as would be normally and we have no snow in the city. That is suppose to change later today though. After our lunch we take down the decorations and bring them home then place them back on our trees at home. Lots of my decorations have been out there in the mountains on one tree or another.


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