Thursday, December 21, 2017

Lake Louise Christmas Wonderland December 21 2017

It snowed last night and it was suppose to snow today starting later in the morning.  With the highway not being in the best condition to begin with, this would only make things worse.  This meant it would be best to stick close to my home away from home for today.  No problem, there's loads of trails around here beckoning to be X-C Skied upon.  I arrived at The Great Divide parking lot just as the knights on shining X-C Ski trail grooming equipment began to work their magic.  

As this was my first time on skis this season, The Great Divide trail was ideal to get my ski legs back.  As I skied away from the parking lot, I left the sound of the barking dogs behind.  It became peaceful and I got lost in the beauty and my thoughts.  The sun was coming up behind me and the sky was turning blue in front of me.

I skied and I skied and I skied!  The dog sled teams passed and I skied and I skied and I skied.  Then the dog sled teams returned.  Then I wondered how far should I go.  Should I go down the big hill?  I knew I would be tired with lots of uphill on the return ski.  
It felt so good to be out here where I belong.  It was cold but I was warm.  The dogs were gone, it was just me being one with the X-C Ski track.  Then the groomer flew by on his shiny equipment!
I reached the big hill and I was committed to go all the way to British Columbia.  I crossed the boarder, captured my destination shot, had a hot beverage, a boiled egg and an energy bar.  I placed my new Christmas decoration on a tree close by for its initiation to Christmas before bringing it to my tree in Calgary.  By now the snow was heavy and it was time to conquer that big uphill and head back.

Once again I was lost in my thoughts and flew along.  There was no scenery as it was near white out conditions.   I thought I saw things!  It turned out being skiers coming my way.  As the snow turned to flurries and I could see again, I spotted a new signed snowshoe trail.  
With still a few kilometres to go, I was beginning to think I was ready to have this over with.   To make the distance and time go by, I admired all the snow laden trees that lined the track.  Finally, the end was in sight and so were the views.
In a matter of about 15 minutes I was back at home sweet home.  The view off my balcony was pretty now with lots of blue sky.  I got comfy on my couch and settled in for a relaxing balance of today.  Everything I needed was at an arms reach or a tiny turn of my head towards the glass doors.  Sometimes the best gifts don't come in boxes or wrapped in paper, they just appear and happen.  Today was a gift!



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