Friday, December 22, 2017

Lake Louise Christmas Wonderland December 22 2017

I went wandering for the winter-wonderland I wished for!  I did not have to wander far, it was everywhere.  You see, it snowed last night and everything was covered again with fresh new white gold.  When I woke I wondered where should I wander to.  Again, I opted to stick close to my home away from home due to road conditions.  
Before heading to the Lower Tramline trail head I paid a visit to the Campground viewpoint.  The sun had come up enough to add a pink tinge to the sky by Temple.  Then back at my trail head the sun turned gold and I took that as a sign.

By the time I skied up the big hill to the look-off spot it was full on blue sky.  I sensed this was going to be a difficult day to photograph.  With all that blue and all that white, I have no clue what to do to properly capture the scenes.

After the Tramline came Moraine.  Thank you to the couple from the Yukon for helping me secure a selfie scenic shot.  I was wimpy on bearing my hands to set up the tripod.  
I veered off right at the intersection to begin the climb up to the meadows of Fairview.  It had been pretty much all up hill already and here we go again, uphill.
                       The photos tell the story of pure bliss & beauty.  

I savoured every single second along this section.  The lighting was playing with my mind. The sun shone on the tops of the trees creating three natural stars as tree toppers.
                                                It was a very cold day.
                                      That's Mount St Piran peeking through!
                                 The light was so pretty with the pink in parts. 
I completed Fairview and the Upper Tramline, then reached the bottom section of the Lower Tramline and snapped one last shot of the glorious view  before zipping down the last big hill then a slow glide back to my car.  
Being back at my suite felt sweet!  I cleaned up, fuelled up, put my new decoration up, put my feet up, then enjoyed the view.  Feeling relaxed with some energy back, I got dinner going, got the fire going, got my iPhoto going and settled in for the night.

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