Saturday, September 23, 2017

Panorama Ridge & Meadows September 23, 2017

I was in a quandary as larch season was approaching.  I wondered would I have missed it while I was living the east coast lifestyle at sea level for a little while.  If that was not the case and the colors were approaching prime, then where would I go to avoid the terrible traffic, the parking problems and the loads of larch lovers.  I pondered, did a little homework, questioned, did a little more research, debated, checked out my resources then and only then did a plan fall into place.  Whew!  This was not easy!  I laid the plan on the line to hike up to Taylor Lake, then on to Panorama Meadows, then up to Panorama Ridge, then across some of the Ridge, then down the steep slope to the valley meadow, then hike through the meadow, then make our way back down to Taylor Lake then back to the parking lot.  Seven others quickly opted to take me up on this adventure.  We all knew this day would be all about the trees, those larch trees, the golden colors.
I had concerns that the Taylor Lake Parking Lot could be very busy due to Parks People advertising this location would be a great trail to view the larch show but we arrived early enough to a somewhat empty lot.  The view already was grand as we geared up.
I dislike the long boring approach trail to Taylor Lake.  We just got on that trail and got that job done of getting up to the Lake.  We took a little time to capture some pretty pictures and savour some snacks.  
We left the Lake and found our way up to Panorama Meadows.  
view of Castle Mountain blowing her stack
We scrabbled our way up to Panorama Ridge to where the wide open spaces were not visible.  
That is the Bow Valley Corridor down below.  
You can see the Highway down there.
This was our lunch spot and after lunch we captured some fun shots.
summit shot & seeming so insignificant in the scheme of the scene
We made our way along Panorama Ridge all the while looking below to where we needed to get to.   I warned my friends it would be a steep descent and that we wanted to end up at that tarn down below.
Look closely and you can see my friends finding their way down.  We used whatever method worked for us individually and we all arrived at the valley bottom in tack.  That steep slope was sketchy and slippery, the snow made the task not so simple.  
We made our way to the first tarn which was partially frozen.
You can see the slope to the right which we descended.
With the tough part over, we relaxed and snacked.  We meandered along Panorama Meadows embracing the larch trees.  They were pretty much prime with some still shades of green and almost gold.  Another few days or week and the showing will be fully prime time.
prop play
limbo rock
how low can she go
The East meets the West!
The second tarn was spectacular.  
It was partially frozen, there was lots of blue in the sky now and the reflections popped.  
It felt a bit warmer and still there was no wind whatsoever.  
Crystal Clear & Picture Perfect
reflections in the tarn
We opted for oodles of time in the meadows by the tarns and in amongst the larch trees.  I looked back to see the Ridge we were on. I felt incredibly lucky for what we were experiencing and seeing.  I took a few minutes just to give a little bit of extra thanks.
The views behind us were amazing and so were the views in front of us.  I was getting dizzy with all the spinning, I didn't know where to look.  The amount of snow on the ground was just the right amount for today.  It paired nicely with the larches.
This was our last view before leaving the meadows and heading back down towards Taylor Lake.
Taylor Lake at days end

How lucky were we with how our day played out!  We were a fun group of friends who milked every second out in our mountain playground.  While lots of the larch trees were gold there were still lots that were green and various shades in between green and gold.  Could we be so lucky again in a week's time?  The forecast looks lovely!  Stay tuned!

for today though


  1. You always wrote great posts about your challenges.

    Those pictures are absolutely stunning!

    1. Thank You Giorgio! I never did back into running, instead hiking has remained my passion.


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