Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Nova Scotia September 13 , 2017

I know it is September and I know I am in Nova Scotia living at a cottage on a beach.  I know when the sun sets and when it rises.  I know when high tide is and I know when it will be low.  Truly, what else matters?  Today is what we call a beach day!  There is no vehicle involved, in fact we don't even need to see it.  Everything we need is just out the door and around the corner.   That's where we go to play in the sand.
We aimed for the beach next door, first stopping off at The Point.  It was obvious at this point that the beach looked different.  High winds with big waves can alter the appearance.
We worked our way down off The Point and began our walk on the beach.  The tide was coming in with little waves bringing in treasures. We wondered were these winds Irma's leftovers.

Like I mentioned in a Facebook post, I see things!
seeing and collecting beach glass
I see a tree.

Today the sand on this section of the beach was packed solid.  
Yet, in this section it made me think of desert sand.
It appears the most recent high tide washed away the sides of the beach.
We walked the beach for hours and once again came away with treasures.  My intentions were to collect only beach glass but when I started seeing things in the rocks I could not pass them by.  I came away the past few days with many more creative ideas for winter projects.
With glorious evenings and sunsets, the beach calls, and I answer!

Tonight we sat on the deck facing the ocean and watched the night sky.  
The fire pot burned as we watched more and more stars appear.  
I am truly thankful for days like this and I make sure not to take them granted.  

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