Friday, September 8, 2017

Nova Scotia September 8, 2017

Over morning coffee we discussed what our wish was for the day.  Being on the same page that discussion took all of 120 seconds.  With one definite plan already in place we fit in our other desires around it. To get our fill of ocean air and scenery we step out the door.  To add to that a walking workout through sand we aim for The Point then take a short cut down a very steep unstable side slope.  

We reached the seashore then we "just be", caught up in the shadows, with sand between our toes, enjoying the sunshine, the sandstone, the scenery.

The seconds, the minutes, the hours pass.  Once again we return home feeling like millionaires, rich from exercise, fresh air and a fine collection of beach glass.  

We relaxed, freshened up and then went to town to catch up with friends.  We know how time flies when you are having fun but I wish it really could stand still.  

We went our way and they went theirs.  I enjoyed the time we shared reflecting on days gone by.  I still had room for more reflecting before calling an end to our Friday.   It was gorgeous so I strolled the beach in the still of the evening and captured more memories.  

The sun set and the tide was working its way in.  I picked up the pace to make sure I could get around the rocky outcrop before the tide came in and made it impassable.  My mind wanders to many places when I walk the beach and these days it also wanders to the south with thoughts and prayers for safety for everyone.

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  1. It's great to visit and to remember! We pray for those who don't have it as good as we do.


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