Sunday, April 30, 2017

Nose Hill Park April 30, 2017

After experiencing what I did yesterday and then experiencing what I did this morning, it just confirms I am so fortunate to live in a place where I can have it all in the same weekend.  I was depleted by the time I got home last evening and from the week's happenings so my planned  intentions for today all day were to be one on one with my sofa.  That plan went by the wayside though.  Being the last day of April, a beautiful morning in the city,  not having completed a crocus hunt this spring, meant I had business to take care of.   From forging through deep snow yesterday just 100 minutes west of the city to meandering along dry trails today out my back door, yes I can have it all.

I arrived at the Nose Hill Park trail head early.
In no time at all the crocus show began.
they were in abundance everywhere
vibrant, healthy and alive
It was a slow go for the first kilometers as I took time to admire those wild flowers.  
Every now and then I looked up to take in my surroundings, there was beauty there too today.
a new life begins
After spending time in one area, it was time to move on to another.
This trail took me there.
a rock garden
seeing beauty in the simplest of scenes
spring time brings new beginnings of all kinds, from flowers blooming..... a thirst to be out & about kite flying..... being active filling the lungs with fresh air.
Nose Hill Park has such a variety of terrain.  There are valley's deep and hill's high with wide open spaces and skies as big as can be.  It's a place in the middle of a big city where you can escape.  The Park is filled with treasures of all kinds, just open your eyes and wander.

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