Saturday, May 6, 2017

Powderface Pass May 6, 2017

My intentions for today were to accomplish checking off items on a to-do list that has been growing and growing.  Well, that was the plan when I laid my head on the pillow last night but when I woke this morning I had a whole new out look for my day.  I could not pass by a mountain play day when a lovely forecast was being presented.  That growing list of to-dos would have to wait for another day to be worked on.  I packed up the quickest I have ever packed up and made my way out Route 66 to the gate to hike up to Powderface Pass.  
I arrived very early, I was second in line. 
It was a summer pants & shirt day right at the start.  The trail was dry, some ice in sections, there was no wind and a bit of blue added pop to the sky.  I was first on this trail, not sure where the first in line ventured to.  I like everything about this day so far.
I prefer early morning starts, in fact even earlier than early is favourable.  
The lighting for photos is pretty. 
Just confirming, yes the lighting is prettier early on.
The further in and up I went, the wetter it became.  I had to find ways around waterfalls and where sections had little rivers running along the trail.  I was happy to have gaiters on when the mud section began.  I wondered where all this water was coming from.
Then just like that the trail turned to being snow covered. 
It was packed in the middle and very deep on the sides.
At times there were slush sections to skip over.
When that was not possible I just slopped through the slush.
In one small opening near the top, four crocuses thrived vibrantly.
I popped out of the trees to the view that always amazes me with Banded Peak to the left and Nihahi Ridge stretched from left to right.   I cased the place for any sightings of wildlife then dropped my gear and hung out for a while.  It was so peaceful & pretty, windless & warm.
The descent was quick even though conditions were changing quickly and more rerouting was required.  There is still so much snow in the upper sections.  I got through that then down to where it was like " a river runs through it" trail.  I wondered what would become of this trail as the day got warmer and the snow continued to melt and even worse when the rain comes tomorrow.  

I met a number of people heading in while on my way out.  I was glad to have that early start and happy to own the Pass today.  I arrived back at Route 66 to a swarm of bustling activity.   It was obvoious everyone thought it was a beautiful day to be "out & about" in our mountain playground.

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