Saturday, April 1, 2017

Wolf Creek & Mount Dyson April 1, 2017

an April Fools day filled with
joking to all joking aside
yet we are no fools
I faced today as if it were to be a celebration!  We are ringing in April on a sunny warm day.  It would be a day of friendship sharing and lunchtime stories & savouring.  Today's hope was to complete unfinished business from last weekend.  There would be opportunities to play & explore, joke & laugh.   This celebration all began with an easy crossing of the Sheep River and a meander through a meadow.       
There were times when we put all joking aside to ascend icy trails and find our way along, the frozen in places and not so much in other places, Wolf Creek.  Full attention to foot placement was a requirement.  Once that part of our morning was accomplished we popped out to a wonderful surprise.  The wide open vista was up there on the "up there" scale.
We worked our way up along to a lookout spot.
It was time to let go of the "all joking aside".....
....and yes, all seriousness aside....
view way down and far off
We scouted out for a perfect spot to spread out our goods.
After a lengthy lunch, we then evaluated our day so far and next put a plan in place for what we wanted our afternoon to look like.   It meant a steep climb up towards the summit of Mount Dyson.  At times we just needed to focus and lean into it. 
part way up 
my summit shot on Mount Dyson
a gigantic cairn
in a very small opening
The ascent and descent of Mount Dyson were all off trail.  Sections were steep, we traversed, bushwhacked, skidded along ice and down ice, rock hoped a bit and then finally completed our loop and came back out onto the meadow were we could once again leave the serious business behind and just meander.
we were curious to know what was inside
Where there were not vast vistas to admire, I looked for the beauty right before my eyes.  
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I love what Mother Nature creates.  
(crevasse crossing photo credit to Adventure Designer)

We safely made our way down the last ice slope yet still had the Sheep River to cross back over.  In between these the light of day cast shadows over the last meadow.  We were well into early evening and the lighting was pretty.  
There was much more water on the Sheep River but we were able to find our way around it.
With a sigh of relief after our river crossing, it was time to complete the last few minutes of hiking back to the parking lot.  With all we were presented with trail condition wise, some would call us fools for seeking out such conditions.  We are just a passionate bunch of friends who are fortunate to have discovered our passion and have the will to live it out.  We play safe, we have fun!  We are no fools we just know how to embrace April Fools Day!

Avant & Apres = You do the math!

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