Saturday, April 8, 2017

Grass Pass & Boundary Pine April 8, 2017

Now that life's chapter filled with decades of sitting side by side at our computers by windows with not much to view from Monday to Friday has closed, it's time to begin a new chapter of being side by side on our feet on a Saturday hiking to a place where the views are wide open and go on for as far as our eyes could see!   
We opted for Grass Pass plus a visit to the Boundary Pine.  I had in mind we could assess as we ascended and maybe include some add-ons.  We were first on the trail this morning or so we thought. We were caught up in conversation and oblivious to everything except that and the scenery.  Not long up the trail our reality check was that we were not the first here.  The prints was gigantic and could not have been any fresher.  Our casual conversation converted to hoots & hollers.
Not only did I keep my eyes peeled to the front and sides, I also checked over my shoulder.
We reached Grass Pass and carried on straight for a few minutes until Holy Cross and Mount Head came into sight.  You cannot see this as you arrive at Grass Pass so it is well worth it just to carry on.  We settled down for a snack and to put a plan in place.
The trail up to the ridge west of Grass Pass looked clear of snow so we went for our first add on.  
My friend commented that the terrain here reminded her of the terrain of her Atlantic homeland.  
We secured our high spot shot.  
meandered along the meadow
We captured some photos before settling down to dine in a sunny sheltered spot.  I said let's get a picture of us bracing against the wind.  She said let's get a yoga shot.  I am not up on yoga so she said put your arms up and hands flat (I didn't hear the part about hands together though), she also said lift your knee up (yet I missed the part about having it at a 90 degree angle).
It was time to hike over to my all time favourite tree, The Boundary Pine.  
The Boundary Pine

worthy of framing
The day was glorious.  
We had time on our side.  
We opted for another add on.  

We decided to check out the route south east of the Boundary Pine to see if conditions were favourable to safely descend.  As it was, we had that on our side too so went for it.  We chatted about "#noregrets" and "remember to breathe".  That just reinforced to enjoy everything about this day.  From colorful rocks and ground cover.... trying to be artistic.....
We descended off what I call The Boundary Pine Peninsula, hiked along side the rocky outcrop, rounded the corner and aimed for the opening in the fence.
view on the other side of the fence
this was a fun area to photograph
We spent quite a bit of time here.  Earlier my friend commented that there were not many people here on such a beautiful day in such a pretty place.  On the trails we saw four people and one dog.  I told her that is one of the reasons I enjoy this area and for views like this.
The afternoon was getting on.
We were quickly loosing elevation. 
We were leaning towards getting to the bottom and back to the car.  
more leaning
taking one last look back up
going for the last steep descent on the grassy slope towards the trembling aspens
We reached the road and hiked beside it back to the car completing an unplanned but lovely loop.  It was an enjoyable day.  With our busy lives I sure do hope down the road we can hike side by side again to a place where the views are wide open and savour a day filled with "#noregrets".  


  1. Another perfect day. That framed tree needs to be on a wall.

  2. Replies
    1. Not much snow where we were southwest of the city but still loads in the mountains west of Calgary.

  3. Hi, what app or GPS device would you recommend for mapping hikes?

    1. HI! I use a Garmin 64s and BaseCamp and I am happy with this. I am not familiar with other products.


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