Thursday, February 23, 2017

Tofino February 23, 2017

In contrast to all of yesterday's beach walking having my feet firmly planted on sand, today I would look down onto rough and rugged and rocky shores.  By hiking on trails or scrambling out onto outcrops and perches, there is a whole other beauty to behold around this place.  Of course though, I would wind down the day along my beach.
My morning began with a drive south along the winding Pacific Rim Highway to Ucluelet.  I noticed a dock view down to the side from my previous visit, I wanted a closer look before going to the trail head to hike.
It was going to be another wonderful day weather-wise and I was excited to hit the trail.  I started at the Ancient Cedars trail head and hiked up the hill to the intersection taking a right to check out the Rocky Bluffs.
The hike along the Artist Loops was outstanding.  There were numerous storm watching decks and platforms called Painter's Perches.  This trail was a photographer's dream or I should say an artist's dream.  Each viewpoint offered up an amazing scene.

This hike would be an out and back for me.  I had a turn around time picked.  At that time I had covered more ground than I expected to.  I most definitely was fulfilled with seeing this rough and rugged beauty.  I had an errand to run in downtown Tofino so went about my day and went there.  I did not spend much time here, I much preferred to be elsewhere.  I completed my errand then captured a view from the park.
I returned to my home away from home, dropped off my belongings then headed out my patio door to go explore around Pettinger Point again.  I went a little further and a little higher.

I had a look at Frank Island which is where I walked to yesterday.  I could see the tide heading out and I could see people heading out to it.
I scrambled back over those rocks to my beach off in the distance.  I changed into my rubber boots along the way then strolled to the far end, playing in the water, watching the surfers and waiting for the sun to set.

With the timing of the sunsets during my stay here, it leaves me with a few evening hours afterwards to enjoy dinner, wind down, relax by the fire and read my book.   Then I head off to dream about how I will begin just another day in paradise!


  1. What "another great day", you have enjoyed and the pictures are amazing. So much to see ... and I super enjoyed your last two pictures which we could call, "your grand finale for the day" as you captured ... you "Jumping for joy"! Awesome photo to show again and again!

  2. There is just something about the Pacific Coast. I am heading over there soon...much further south..and can't wait.


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