Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Tofino February 21, 2017

I woke very early this morning excited for what the day may have in store for me.  I had a plan that would fill my hours from sunrise to sunset.  Once all the inside business was taken care off it was time to head out the patio door to walk my beach as the morning became light.  

Feeling invigorated from the fresh air after my walk, I packed my essentials and drove to Ucluelet to hike along the Wild Pacific Trail.  Once again, the forecast was for unusual weather for here for this time of year so I left all my rain gear including my rubber boots back at the suite.  Along this route views of Barclay Sound and the Pacific Ocean were offered up.

You have to know if there is a lighthouse I can get to then I will get to it.  This is the Amphitrite Lighthouse.  The tide pools added to the setting.

The tide had already been high a few hours prior.  It was on its way out which meant Wickaninnish Beach would be open to stroll until my heart was content. The seashells and drift wood were plentiful and very distracting as I meandered along.  The sky had those wispy clouds that I love so much.  On top of that the gentle roll of the waves and the sounds they created drew me in to where I felt like I was at home.

Boy I love this part of our country.  While I love the mountains, more and more my roots are battling for a bigger share of love.  I drove back to my home away from home, had a glass of The Beachhouse, a nap, then aimed for a rocky hike out and up to Pettinger Point.  

By now the tide was as low as it would be and that afforded the opportunity to walk out quite far.  No rubber boots for this stroll and I learned my lesson to watch the waves.

Before savouring the pairing of my salmon dinner and another glass of The Beachhouse, I took in the sunset from different vantage points along my beach.  The sun setting while the tide is low makes for a other type of great pairing.

With all the outside business taken care of today, it was time to head inside my patio door and go about the evening.  I thought about today and yesterday and the weather we have been experiencing.  It's certainly not storm watching weather.  Along my walks and photo taking, I chatted with many people who came to Tofino to storm watch.  No one is disappointed the weather is anything but and that would be my sentiment too.  Thank you for this most amazing day!


  1. You were lucky to get a dry day to explore this amazing coastline.

  2. Certainly doesn't look like winter weather! Amazing beauty.


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