Monday, February 20, 2017

Tofino February 20, 2017

For a few years I had in the back of my mind that I want to invest time sightseeing around Tofino on Vancouver Island in British Columbia.  The time came to make that happen and here I am!  I picked now because it is "storm watching" season and it would be on the quieter side.  After just a 98 minute flight, then a three hour fun and pretty drive (including a stop for groceries) I landed on my door step a few feet away from the beach.  The places I have been to recently make me feel like I am in paradise!  Check mark, I just added Tofino to that list!

                                  My home away from home is on the far left.  
I bought knee high rubber boots so I could be out slopping around in the rain and for beach combing.  The tide had just prior reached low and was beginning its' journey inward once again.  So it was suffice to say I would be OK to venture out a bit.  

I would be thrilled to find some beach glass but only paid attention to what was clearly visible.  The sand dollars are gigantic and the other shells are colorful.   I didn't quite pay attention to what I should have though.  With my back to the ocean while I photographed towards my home away from home, a wave came in up over my boots.  My blue boots filled with water and my blue jeans were soaked up to the crotch.  UGH!  I love beach life!  I carried on strolling the beach then ventured off over to the rocky point.

After a visit part way out on the rocky outcrop, I then headed  back to my suite to get into dry cloths.  I was introduced to "The Beach House" when I was at the beach last September on the east coast in Nova Scotia and thought how fitting to savour it now while I am on the west coast.  
Feeling very happy and content I stepped out my patio door to watch the sun set.  The waves waved, the paddle-boarder boarded, and the sun set.  While I came to Tofino prepared to storm watch, today turned out being like an extraordinary gift.  

A friend told me there is something about Tofino but she could not put her finger on it, or describe it in words, she said maybe it is a spiritual place!  I don't know either right now but there is something about this place.  


  1. Another amazing vacation! Love the sunset pics.

  2. The name 'Tofino' has a magic ring to it and your first day certainly brought you that magic. Enjoy.


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