Sunday, February 12, 2017

Lake Louise February 12, 2017

It felt like I stepped into a dream at Lake Louise Village this morning even after just waking from nine hours of sleep. When I looked outside after opening the curtains and saw dim outlines of mountain peaks, I knew this was going to be another fabulous day in paradise.  I fueled up, spruced up, gathered up, loaded up, geared up then went on my way to where I knew capturing perfect pretty photos would be a breeze.  Along the way, I stepped into a pillowy dreamland!  
view of peaks waking up from near the Campground
view of the Bow from the bridge leading to Tramline
early morning view from trail behind the residential stretch
The dream-like-day continued even when I transferred from foot to ski. 
The groomed tracks had a bit of soft snow in them.  Someone had been prior to me which made for perfect conditions to glide easily and freely.  I could see why the trail had been closed for many weeks due to ice build up and fear of flooding.
x-c skiing in a dream-like state continued
deep snow crossing the big bridge
I never did see the person who had been prior to me.  I never did see the moose either.  Parks people posted a notice at the trail heads that a moose was loose in the area.  I took some time in this section as it was picture perfect.  It was warm and sunny, peaceful and quiet, I did not want to wake up from this dream.
entering the campground 
After skiing along the Bow River Loop and then the campground loop, I worked my way back to the open area where I came from to capture one last pristine picture.
Then it was time to head to the bridge where I would cross over, back into reality. 
After gearing down and loading up again, I left the Lake Louise Village and hit the highway for home.  I admired every mountain peak I could for the entire stretch. As I approached Banff and saw Rundle looking like it did, I took a detour down to the river's edge to obtain this photo.  It was the cloud formations that I was attracked to.
Nearing Calgary, I thought of how it felt like I was away for ever.  One overnighter with two days of delight in our mountain playground and I am rejuvenated to face this week.


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