Saturday, May 28, 2016

Larch Valley Snowy Symphony

Some days being "out & about" in our mountain playground feel more magical than others.  Our adventure today up into & down around Larch Valley was like a magic show with appearances then disappearances and again appearances of snow, flurries and sprinkles.   We each participated in this day like directors orchestrating a snowy symphony.  We had many reasons to celebrate: I got to meet my Australian Blog Friend who is visiting her son in Banff,  two other friends are beginning a new chapter in their lives and we others always enjoy the opportunity to celebrate just being able to be "out & about".  

We made good time up the switchbacks to Larch Valley.
How fitting on a day with life's pinnacles are at the forefront...
...we would have Pinnacle Mountain  prominent throughout.   
I was excited to see what the upper Minnestimma Lake looked like so made a dash over the last hump.  It was mostly covered in snow with a few small grey openings.  It was calm here and peaceful and so pretty.  We took care of the photography business before settling down to dine.  Nearing the desert course of our meal,  flurries began to fall.  We could see behind us white out conditions coming our way.   That did not matter though....
....we still took time to have fun!
Definitions say that symphonies are composed of three or more movements.  While our movement was consistent all day of the "remember to breathe" kind with photos ops, play time, chat time...the weather movement played a snowy symphony.  The snow moved in, it moved away, it moved back in again, then it moved away again, and on and on.  All this offered up a photographers dream!
we stand separate
only for seconds in time
my snowman
Prominent Pinnacle & Shadow Shot
I loved everything about today!  
We found our way to show what that word means to us.  
friends, family, scenery, playing
After investing time up in this terrain, we then aimed back down the switchbacks to Moraine Lake.  
We worked our way up the trail to the top of The Rock Pile.  
above Moraine Lake & in front of some of the Ten Peaks
I applaud how our symphony played out today.  
It was award winning.
It was a pleasure to be in the company of each of you. 
Thank you for this day!


  1. Andra it is absolutely wonderful to sit here and read your blog this morning, not imagining what it would be like to hike with you, but knowing that I was right there wth you, enjoying this sensational, magical day. Your photos are brilliant!

  2. Wonderful pics! Glad to see you and Helen got to meet. :)

  3. I arrived here through Helen's blog (I lived in Australia for 7 years and love everything Aussie) and was thrilled to read both her post and yours. I've made some wonderful friendships through blogging and getting to actually meet after you follow someone's blog for years is something very special indeed.
    One of the things that make your blog very special is the way you mix the account of the hike with some more personal stories that make us feel closer to you all on an emotional level. And I LOVE that you took the time and had the drive to take all these fun pics up at the lake : they scream "JOY" and that's fantastic!


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