Saturday, June 4, 2016

Ptarmigan Lake if time could stand still

In doing my homework for today's adventure, there was not a whole lot to go on to provide us with what conditions would be like for a way back & beyond in the Boulder Pass and Ptarmigan Lake area.  Being only June 4th, I had expectations for somewhat chilly and still lots of snow.  We made our plan and went prepared for that.  Every now and then, I experience one of those days that seem surreal and I have to pinch myself back to some level of reality.  If time could stand still, I would ask for that for all of today's 8 hours 24 minutes and 34 seconds of adventuring time.

We hit the trail around 9:00am under already warm sunshine.
We arrived up high to not enough snow to even both mentioning it.
a first view of Mount Temple behind us from up in the Halfway Hut valley area
the creek crossing  before the Halfway Hut
We took a little time at the Halfway Hut to boost our energy level for the climb up to Boulder Pass.  We opted for outside to devour the weather and the scenery.  
the beginning of boulders on our way to Boulder Pass
The whole space was was quiet today.  We remained together the entire time and stayed vigilant in making it known we were there.  This was especially so after seeing many very large paw prints.  We took time to grasp the beauty of every big & little thing. 
I was so curious to see what Ptarmigan Lake looked like.  This was my first time up here at this time of year.  I made a mad dash up the last little incline because my curiosty level was getting the better of me.  It was a bit breezy and standing there the water was ripply and offered up no reflections.  I knew they had to be there though, so I crouched down then low and behold, Voila!  
This section was the only snow we encountered.
Of course, we will be us!
it was an amazing place & day to just be
We worked our way around Ptarmigan Lake looking for a place to settle down on the water's edge to have our lunch.  It kept getting prettier and prettier and we hiked a bit further than planned to where we found the perfect place.  Time for more devouring of not only our food but once again of the scenery and the warm sunshine.  The ice appeared to be melting right before our eyes.
capturing split seconds in time
We saved our visit at Boulder Pass for on our way back out.
feeling high & airy & on top of the world
We dropped our packs and put our scrambling & bouldering skills to the test.  
We took delight in watching and ecouraging our friend to go above & beyond.
We enjoyed playing in this area for almost 45 minutes.
After that playtime, we concured that we accomplished everything we came up here to accomplish and it was time to aim back down to reality.  I was wishing time could stand still and our visit here would not end.  I captured this last photo on my camera and imprint to my memory.  

the clouds, the peaks, the colors 
a few of my favourite things
While I wanted the stars to align today for each of us, I truly wanted it for my blog friend Helen visiting from Australia.  Our day turned out being more than I could ever have expected on this day in very early June.  As I look at all my photos, I still wonder was all that for real!  Thank you so much for sharing in making this day what it was, for each of your adventurous spirits and playful personalities.  Memories from today will forever warm my heart!


  1. The climb was gradual, the scenery constantly exploding with beauty, the bears stayed away and the games we played were awesome. Hiking with the 'Making Waves' Gang, couldn't be better. T H A N K S ! ! !

    1. So glad the day turned out the way it did! I did not want it to end!

  2. Wow - what a gorgeous hike! I'm jealous of all the wonderful scenery you have where you live.

    1. Linda if your travels ever bring you north to my neck of the woods, let me know!


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