Saturday, May 7, 2016

scattered stars

When it comes to being "out & about" in our mountain playground, I get that feeling of being the luckiest lady to get to go where I go and see what I see.  The majority of the time I get to experience what I call "star alignment" yet when that does not quite measure up,  I make sure to find a way to save the day and that truly never takes much effort.  Once in a blue moon my stars are so scattered it is quite a challenge to unscramble them.  Today was one of those blue moon days and at a point into my day, I came to the realization it was best to leave those stars in their scattered mess.

You see, this is how my day played out! 

I woke very early and laid in bed thinking of what this day might look like.  I was not able to conjure up a vision so aborted that thought and came up with one that worked and it was "today will be what it will be".  Today's event was a late start for what was to be a very hot day.  My philosophy is the higher the number in temperature the lower the number in start time.  I left home long before it was necessary thinking I better get while the getting was good or else I may end up being one on one with my sofa and TV.  We hit the highway heading west and got caught up in spring-time construction.   I took advantage of this time to savour my banana and boiled egg and perform a little light stretching.   

We arrived at the Old Baldy Ridge trail head, we geared up, we headed off.  

I was happy to be moving along a trail with my pack and boots on.  It was easy going, laughing, chatting and making good time along a fine trail.  We reached the large cairn which was our sign to veer left and follow the Creek.  I had been in this area twice, today it was unrecognizable.  That flood back in June of 2013 decimated this place.  I very carefully, methodically and gingerly made my way along the trail behind my friend who was route finding.  In some places it was obvious in others not so much.  I kept my thoughts to myself and those thoughts were that I was not enjoying this, it was not pretty, it was not fun, it was hot, I was hungry. 

Then the moment of total star scatterment came.

I was not comfortable continuing along a very very narrow trail that was angled down in places with a straight drop down to a messed up gully far below.  I tried some of it but it was not worth it for me to carry on knowing I would have to return along it later in the day when I was tired.  In my experience over the years, I have learned I can push my boundaries when it is still safe and come away happier and smarter and stronger but for me it is not worth it to even try when conditions in my opinion are not safe.  I stated my situation to my friends and let them carry on while I retreated.  While retreating I found a trail on the other side of the creek where there was no sketchiness.  I followed it back meeting up with others who opted for the low trail over that high narrow one.  They invited me to come along with them but I told my friends I was heading back to the trail head so I needed to stick with that plan.  I did not know if I went with this group if we would catch up with my friends.  

This google earth map shows how far I went.  
I did cover 7.7 kms yet only 294 meters of elevation gain.

I arrived back at the trial head, found a lovely shaded spot in the trees next to a flower bed.  
I laid down my tarp, unpacked my pack then devoured my lunch.  
After lunch and a nap, I pulled out my iPhone to tune into some tunes.  I was surprised when a few emails popped in and I realized I had reception.  Well, I was set for the few hours while I waited for my friends.  The first email was from my angel friend who sent it shortly after I left home, saying she was thinking of me and just felt she had to send a note to let me know that and for no other reason.  This made my hair stand on end because we do not connect very often but when she does with me they are times when events out of the ordinary are occuring with me.  

I passed the few hours corresponding with friends via email and even had a surprising and lovely phone call with my Nova Scotia valley friend.  When my friends arrived, I packed up my site and met them at the vehicle.  We shared stories.  Mine is not the only story for today I learned, they have theirs.  I volunteered to be the driver to get us home  afterall I had a very lazy afternoon and was well rested.

What I learned today?  Well, it was not a new lesson learned but a reenforcement of one I learned years ago.  Now being wiser and stronger, I without hesitating did what I needed to do for my own good.  After all was said and done and as I look back on my day, were my stars truly scattered?  I believe they were but I successfully untwisted them to a point where I can say I saved my day!  


  1. Beautifully written and so proud of you my friend who lives life so wisely!

  2. Sometimes just stopping, surrounded by the beauty of the bush is as rewarding as walking the kilometres. I'm sure I wouldn't have seen that beautiful flowering bulb had you not returned. What is it?

  3. Sometimes you need to listen to your gut....mine has never steered me wrong. You listened to your instincts and made a wise decision.


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