Saturday, May 21, 2016


I am not up and out the door this morning heading off to live my 

I am taking a little time to remember back to a 5*21 when I did do just that!

*the play mates*
Making Waves, Adventure Designer, Ms D No Stopping Me

(this photo is titled "skirts to match the mountains")

Back in 2011, on 5*21, we trudged through deep snow to make our way to the Kananaskis Lookout.   It was not a dry year so the Lookout Folks were not home. To our delight we outright owned this place.  It was a day where our free spirits came out to play.  We spent an hour and a half here just laughing and living life.  In all the years I have been hiking, this was my longest summit visit.  I truly enjoy the longer visits the most. 

This morning when I checked through my photo portfolio to see what I was up to on past May long weekends and on past 5*21 days, I realized that I forgot about that dreadful day on Prairie Mountain on the May long weekend back in 2014.  I am very good at remembering dates and happenings and anniversaries but that dreadful day just went by the wayside.  This just goes to show what is important in life and how happy fun times come to the forefront bringing along wonderful memories.

Memories from the same play place can stand out for different reasons.  How interesting our springs are, being so different from year to year.  5*23 of 2015 was so dry the Lookout Lady needed to be at the Kananaskis Lookout immediately.  Look closely and you will see her patrolling on her deck.  She invited us up for a short visit. While some things can be so totally opposite....
.....other things never change!  
Just like on that May Day back in 2011, on this 2015 May Day our free spirits soared. 
The rain in the forecast for this entire weekend is welcome!  
With lifes happenings, I need a little time to, as my mug says, "stop & breathe" & read.  
Time will tell if snow will accumulate higher up over the next few days.  
I will love it even though.

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