Saturday, March 26, 2016

Bowness Area Saturday in the Park

Saturday in the Park
people laughing
people smiling
a real celebration

I hooked up with Happy Hiker and her crew today to put more kilometers on my boots, breathe in the spring air, and enjoy the sights of both Bowness and Baker Parks.  I'm quite familiar with Bowness Park and I thought I was with Baker Park but realized today there is much more to Baker Park.  So today not only was I catching up with old friends and making new friends, I was covering old terrain and learning about new terrain. 

along the Bow River at Bowness Park
a Northern Flecker Woodpecker
Not long into our hike, I already knew today was a photographer's dream.  Eyeing those scattered puffy fluffy clouds and the colors in the river, it was finger on the shutter button pretty much the whole time.  Even the not so pretty spring time browns were catching my eye.
aiming for the other side
trains planes
On this side of the Bow River the landscape changed yet the scenery was just as pretty.  
We meandered along the trail that passed by numerous holding ponds.  
small simple reflection
large lovely reflection
We made our way up to the viewing platform and while on our way we spied crocuses galore.
Once down the other side from the viewing platform we settled on some large stones for snacks, chats and to savour the view.  By now Bowness & Baker were populated with people laughing, people smiling which is so nice to see on a Saturday in the Park.
We eventually began to make our way back over to the opposite side.
Four hours later 
I felt fulfilled from filling the time with friends old & new
covering ground old & new.  
Being a beautiful spring day, being Easter time, 
this Saturday in the Park felt like 
a real celebration!  


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