Tuesday, March 1, 2016

a dreamer

A dreamer I am!  

The other weekend I sewed my recently purchased patch onto my backpack.  Each pack I own has an array displayed of places I've been.  Each of these places to see began as dreams years ago.  I knew I wanted to see the Grand Canyon and I could see myself there in my dream but not to the extent of what I would actually be doing there.  My dream came true the day I hiked down South Kaibab and up Bright Angel all in a day.  A number of moons ago, I added hiking in Maui to my to-do list.  I could see myself there in my dream but I was walking a beach.  My dream came true the day I hitch-hiked a ride up to the top of Haleakala and then hiked the twenty kilometers back down to my car.  I had heard about Joshua Tree National Park but never gave it much thought until I planned a trip to Palm Springs a couple of years ago.  The photos showed a land like no other and I dreamed of standing amongst thousands of joshua trees.  It was surreal the day my dream came true and  I actually stood there.  Then there is the Pacific Crest Trail......
I have been fortunate enough to hike four different parts of this enormous trail that runs from Canada to Mexico along the Pacific Coast.  The scenery is incredible and being on the sections I have been on offers up a soul soothing sensation.  I dream of being on even more parts of this great trail.  Of connecting distances to distances I have already completed.  I dream of numerous one-way day hikes.  I will leave the section hikes and backpack hikes to the more adventurous than I folks.  I am not that great when it comes to tackling logistics.  There are ways to accomplish these one ways where you retreat to your basecamp (whether it be a condo, hotel) each evening but it takes work and works best when others are a part of the plan.   It is something to dream about.  
You voice an idea. 
You share a thought!
It starts with a dream!


  1. All great plans start with a dream.

  2. May this dream also come true.

  3. I've been section hiking the PCT since 2012 and by far the logistics are the most challenging part of it all! But it's all worth it when you are out there. Give it a try!


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