Saturday, March 19, 2016

Exshaw Ridge blossomed memories on a spring-like day

Returning to attack Exshaw Ridge today was all about jumping at the opportunity to formulate favourable memories of this place!  You see, a few years back we paid a day's visit here, leading me to be in the frame of mind to never want to return.    You know though, years pass, you have a change of heart and say oh why not give it a shot.  Agent-X put the shout out and I hopped on board.  Today was go day to give it that shot! 

We geared up in gale force type winds then quickly made our way across the berm to the trail head.  Right at the start the views were outstanding.  No snow, blue sky, few fluffy clouds, it took no time to get into the "remember to breathe" mode.
after close to 800 meters of elevation gain we arrived at our first peak
to a warm sun and no wind
looking back at that first peak as we scramble along the rocky slabs
Getting to our next peak was not the easiest and was a little on the sketchy side for me at times.  My movement was gingerly-like along the almost knife-edge-like ridge with snow slopes on one side and slab slopes on the other.   It was worth it to arrive at the other end and see our lunch destination spot up ahead.
my first destination shot
view from our 1:30 pm lunch spot
After lunch we decided to carry on further considering there were a few more peaks to hit.  The already later time of day though dictated we would only carry on another 15 minutes.  With more elevation to go, we worked our way up to that 15 minute turn around spot.
taking a few minutes to savour the scenery
and capturing summit shots
this is my summit shot for today
view along the way
After all our summit business was accomplished, we aimed back the way we came.  I had a last glance back as we headed into the trees towards that sketchy section which was not as bad upon the return.  We were making good time and considered forming a loop by descending of the ridge then ascending up Exshaw Mountain.  A small oooops occured and we unintentionally bypassed the Mountain.  It will always be there to attack another day.
some springtime sights

After bypassing the turnoff to head up Exshaw Mountain, we incorporated another loop instead, or so we thought.  As it turned out we descended a mere few feet away from where we ascended up the Ridge.  A loop is a loop is a loop, no matter how big or how small and I see a loop of sorts in this close up.
What a most enjoyable time being "out & about" adventuring with friends old & new.  
Thank you for this day!


  1. What fantastic mountain scenery!

  2. The snow is fast disappearing by the looks of things. I love the crispness of the day.

    1. Helen there is no snow in the city, very little in the foothills, yet still loads in the big mountains.

  3. Nice! This has been on my radar for awhile. Could you tell me where you parked, assuming you didn't get towed? :) I've heard next to the recycling bins? Thanks, and love reading your blog posts!

  4. I kind of love it when you do a trip, say never again, but find yourself back there later! I have a lake like this that it takes about five years for the agony to fade. Then I go again.


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