Sunday, March 13, 2016

cobweb clearing

I woke this morning with a head full of dehydration cobwebs.  I realized as I was snowshoeing along yesterday I was not drinking enough.  I tried to make up for it, on the way home and when I got home.  To clear out the cobwebs I headed up to Nose Hill Park for a couple of hours of hiking in the spring like conditions.  It didn't take long for the webs to be gone.  

I took advantage of the options to incorporate lots of ups & downs & ups & downs.
Nose Hill sign along the trail
a very very sunny morning
so close but yet so far, the mountains are
decisions, decisions
leaving the mountains behind and taking the winding path home
Now with a clear head, 
it's time to carry on with my day 
accomplish the tasks where a clear head is required.  


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