Friday, April 10, 2015

Making Waves in Maui

I am surprised and pleased I was able to make something of today.  But first of all, when I did finally sleep and then wake, this was my greeting scene.  My first sunrise in Maui was worth witnessing. I went to bed last night leaving the lanai door ajar so I could hear the waves.  I believed they would lull me to sleep.  I heard wave after wave after wave as I tossed and turned and tossed and turned. After awhile when I realized there would be no lulling tonight, I got up to close the door.  I could not believe the beautiful night sky.  It was pitch black and I could see what seemed like millions of stars and other flashing and flying bright things.  I was amazed and could not just let this go.  So, I sat and listened to the waves while watching the night sky.  Tonight I better shut my door.
I decided I would do better sitting today than being in motion on my feet for extended hours.  I opted to drive the route around West Maui.  About 30 minutes out of Kiehi, my car dinged a couple of times and then it came to a stop just as I was able to pull into a "No parking anytime" pull off. It was out of gas.  I had only put about 40 miles on the thing since I picked it up yesterday. The spot I konked out in was for the school bus to drop the children off.   I put my flashers on and approached a policeman at the end of the block who was directing traffic in the school zone.  Officer Hong took charge, he took my phone and contacted Budget emergency roadside assistance telling them the situation.  A truck would be here in 20 minutes with gas for me.  The truck came, dumped gas in my tank and I went on my merry way making waves in Maui.  I spent the next four hours driving, enjoying sights, taking photos, stopping for snacks, just plain ole being a tourist and loving it.  The views were entirely of the ocean kind.
I wore flowers in my hair like the true Hawaiian ladies do.  When in Rome do as the Romans do, right? This is a spectacular part of this Island. I realized how much the ocean is still in my blood.  Maritime memories came flooding to the forefront.
                                                                  another beach
I pulled off to watch the snorkelers in this bay.  Trilogy is a company that offers guided snorkel trips.  Not many folks were in the water, maybe they had been there awhile already.  I did wonder what they might see, considering it was rather windy and wavy.
Just after noon I arrived back home.  Feeling rejuvenated and not ready to stop, I got into my swimsuit and headed to Sugar Beach.  I picked the beach over the pool.  The waves were fun to splash around in.  It felt so good it felt so right.  I like how the sand stuck to my feet which by the way are framing the island of Lana'i.
                                                    I walked for an hour taking in the sights.
                                                             I love this place!
On the return trip, I had a great view of a hike I would like to do. That's it, it starts at the bottom and you hike along the ridge to the top.  The views I hear are spectacular.  The tip of the ridge is in the clouds.  The trail head is a mere 20 minute drive from here.  
I made my way back to my condo to enjoy some down time on my lanai.  This glass of Maui Blanc is an ideal paring with the sounds of gentle waves hitting the shore.  The birds are chirping, the palm trees are waving and I am having a difficult time keeping my eyes open. The sun has yet to set though, and I still would like to have dinner. One thing I know for sure is, I will shut my door tonight.
                                                                     Good Night!


  1. ENJOY! Looks beautiful!


  2. Wow - gorgeous! Hawaii is on my "must visit" list.


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