Monday, April 13, 2015

Hiking Hoapili

When I woke this morning the first thing I did was walk out onto my lanai to see what kind of day was shaping up.  It was hard to tell because it was still dark with a sky full of stars.  At least I knew it was clear.  I made coffee, reviewed info for a hike I want to do, ate a banana and by then things were shaping up outside.  I hit the beach and walked and walked and walked all the while admiring how the sky was ever so changing every passing minute.
                                                         that boat is there every morning
After my beach stroll, I packed up and drove 30 minutes southeast to where the road comes to a dead end, to hike the Hoapili Trail.  They say go early, I went early, they say wear supportive footwear, I wore supportive footwear, they say bring lots of water, I brought lots of water. Those in the know, know!  This is a rugged and rocky exposed trail that has beauty galore to offer up.  The trail starts out user-friendly.
The not so defined trail meanders through lava rock.  The dark colors of the rock pair prettily with the ocean's blue hue.  There you go, those clouds I adore.  This is a great location if you enjoy being close to crashing waves.
                                                  I followed the trail through a light forest.
No one is sure if this memorial is for real.  It is such a rocky rough rugged coastline, it is hard to imagine surfers would frequent here.  The crosses and surf boards did create a dramatic sight though.
It was still early yet hot already.  I only had the energy to go at a snail's pace.  Some folks were already on their return portion, they must have started in the dark.
I came to the secluded beach where there is suppose to be a swing. It was no where to be found.  A family came to see turtles, I guess the turtles were missing too.  Some people snorkelled off these boats, I wonder what they found?
                                I carried on along the coast where it was covered in white rocks.
I understand most turn around at this point but I carried on.  There were opportunities to veer off trail through the lava to eye the coast line which is now far below.  You could no longer here the crashing waves.  It was peaceful and oh so hot.
                                                              a view far below me
I needed more, so trudged all the way to the light beacon.  While it doesn't look like much, where it stands looks wonderful and that made a great spot for a rest and snack.  This was my turn around point.
                                                 The route close to the ocean was colourful.
Nearing the end of my hike, I spent some time watching the waves crash and was patient waiting until I caught the perfect wave.  This one did it for me.  By now many hikers were hitting the trail and it was hard to capture photos without people in them.  I was ready to call it a hike anyway, so aimed for my car.

                                                                     Like Phil Collins sings
                                                                 "another day in paradise"
                                                                       Good Night Maui!



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