Thursday, April 16, 2015

Hiking Waihee

This morning my tree watches over a solo kayaker.  I wanted to be down there at eye level but after what happened yesterday, I thought it best to save that until later in the afternoon.  I wanted to accomplish hiking the Waihe'e Ridge Trail today. It was one of the most beautiful mornings yet here.  I had to remind myself to live every moment and don't ever take this for granted.             
I was out the door early and was the second car in the parking lot.  They say go early before the clouds roll in.  I can see this area from my dwelling and it always looks covered in cloud.  Everything was straight forward from getting to the trailhead to following the trail.  I realized as the morning went on, this is a popular place.
It is straight up right away, which means views right away.  This pictured played a trick on me when I first looked at it. That is the ocean down below with clouds reflecting in it.  Upcountry is to the right.
                                                           It looks like I came right from the ocean.
This place makes me think of a rainforest.  It is so lush and green, the humidity level skyrocketed and the trail was damp with mud in sections.  I enjoyed the blue sky while I had it, because I knew I would be hiking up into clouds.
                                                                color along the way
                                                                      Yes, those are stairs.  
The summit is up there somewhere.  This section was a golden mud-fest.  I was thankful I had my big boots on and my poles with me. Even with those I was still slipping.
                                                                      the valley below

I made it to the summit.  It had signs, a picnic table, a fence but no scenery.  I was prepared for this and knew I better bring some color.  I didn't stay long. As I was leaving folks started to come along.
                                                              view on the way down
                                         I don't know what this flower is but it reminded me of a lei.  
I can see why this hike is popular, the scenery is splendid.  The ocean now looks so blue and the cloud is just hanging over it.
                                                                       lovely view
That's the last of the trail straight ahead that will lead me to the ocean, just kidding, it will take me back to the trailhead.
                 The side of the trail is lined with a fence.  I like how it is framing Haleakala.
I will be taking some of Waihe'e home with me.  It was the perfect length of hike for this hot humid weather.  It is not a far drive to home, and I will still have time to walk my beach. 

I brought my GPS along for my beach walk because I was curious how far I have been walking in the sand.  This afternoon I covered just short of 4 kilometres.  Today the beach looked worn from the weather.  There was a high surf advisory out for last night and it washed away some of the sand making for a short walking section and then about a foot drop off.  The beach was fine at the Kihei Canoe Club.
This is the washed away section.  Even today the waves were coming quite close to the grassy areas. This windsurfer came in for a wild beach landing. You can see the white streak he made.  I really enjoy Sugar Beach, it's quiet and there is a long long stretch to walk. Time for dinner and then to come back out for the sunset show.
This view is facing in the same direction as the photo above, I am just not as far along on the beach.  The evening shades are so different and I love how the pink reflects in the damp sand.
A short few minutes later and now facing in the opposite direction the evening is golden.  This time I relaxed in the lawn chair on the edge of the beach and watched the performance right to the end.
                                                               Good Night Maui!


  1. It was certainly up, up, up but what a deep lush green to enjoy. I think the flower may be a ground orchid.

    1. Helen, when I was coastal hiking on Friday, I though this is what it would be like for you when you are hiking.

  2. Hiking our coastline is wonderful, but we don't get that blue that you are seeing.


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