Saturday, April 11, 2015

a whale of a hike

The last photo in yesterday's blog post was a picture of a hike I had in mind that I would like to do.  I could see it from my walk along the beach.  I read that it's best to do the Lahaina Pali hike early in the day and go when it is overcast because it is wide open to the elements.  Seeing as there is no overcast day in the foreseeable future here, I elected to make it to the top today.  At least I could go early, the trail head is only 20 minutes down the road.  
The parking lot is amongst these scraggly wraggly trees and that is the trail leading away from the lot.  I was glad I brought my poles and my big hiking boots for this one as it's rough and rugged and steep in parts just like all the reviews said it was.  It was still a well defined and maintained trail.
 It doesn't take long for the rewards to begin. Along with scraggly trees and white puffy clouds, I have added ocean vistas to a "few of my favourite things" list.  Today that ocean was bluer than blue.  I watched the waves ripple and saw what looked like waves crashing against rocks.
When I eyed that closer, what to my wondering eyes did appear, whales.  The hump back whales, all six of them where frolicking under the early morning sun. I snapped and snapped but they were too quick for me.  I didn't have time to pick a sequential shot setting on my camera. 
So I snapped again, and then just watched them.  I caught up to a gentleman who frequents these lands and he said the style of activity that was going on indicated it was 5 males fighting for the lone female. I was in awe.  I never expected to see whales while on a hike.  That's how I came up with my blog title.
This hike though was also big scenery-wise and color-wise.  While moving onwards and upwards I still looked backwards at times.  I could see the island of Lana'i, a place I want to go to.  The ground cover color was pretty and the green of some trees was vibrant.  
                                 This is not at the top but I thought it ideal for a destination shot. 
                                      This trail contains many gulches. This is the first one.  
These are the windmills that I can see from my condo lanai.  They line the top of the ridge.  This part of the trail is crazy windy and thank goodness for that because it is also very hot.  The wind is cool and comforting.
 At the very top, I got nearer to the windmills.  They are massive.  The ridge flattens out for a spell and then it heads down the other side.  For me, this is my turn around point because I am on my own and not able to do a car shuttle.  I did meet folks who were doing it in one direction.  They came from the west, they missed a whale of a performance.
No more turning backwards to admire the views, I had them all in front of me now.  The lighting now was ideal and made the colors much more vibrant, if that is even possible.  The upper part of the trail was more user friendly and rockless.
I rounded the corner and had this in front of me for much of the return trip.  I thought to myself, I see why people call this place paradise.  The wind seemed to have an affect on the color of the water.  For the following photos, I waited for the perfect second in time then snapped my shot.
                                                           unbelievable colors
As I descended, the beaches came into view and I took one last picture of the vibrancy.  It was then time to head into the lower section.  What an amazing hike and a photographers' dream.   At times it still feels like a dream and I have to shake my head to come to my senses and realize this is my reality baby and I'm loving it!
I'm now fully on Maui time I believe.  After hiking, and after beach play time, I walked for an hour on Sugar Beach and this is what it looked like.  I then made my way back to my condo to enjoy a glass of Maui Blanc.  The birds are chirping, the palm trees are waving and I have no problem keeping my eyes open. The sun has yet to set, I will wait until it does and then I will have dinner. 
I am settled in, on track, events now booked, big plans made.  I am living every waking moment with appreciation.


  1. Awesome whales, and colour of land and sea.

  2. Wonderful views! How cool to see the whales. Thanks for sharing your hike with us.


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