Sunday, May 18, 2014

Prairie Play

After making a split-second selection this morning, I was off for an early attack on Prairie Mountain. The selection was only made when I looked at skycams on and saw Moose Mountain looking spectacular peeking out above low laying cloud.  I knew Prairie would look similar. The forecast showed a wide enough window of opportunity to get there, touch the summit then get back down before being hit.

I was 3rd at the lot (the other 2 were training trail runners.)  They were long gone and then on their way down while I was still heading up. I ascended through cloud and fog then came out above it.  I could see blue through the trees in one direction and cloud+fog in another direction.  
The ascent went quickly.  
I even quickened the pace when I came to the wide open....
 ....and saw fog aiming directly for the summit flag.
I beat the fog to the flag!  
In fact, the fog dissipated while I was paying my visit.  
This is the way the May Long Weekend weather should be.
The flag has seen better days! 
Moose Mountain made an appearance for a short period!
I owned the summit for awhile before another soloist came along, then I let him have his time. Descending Prairie Mountain was like reunion central.  It was nice to run into many hiking friends from earlier times.  While I am guilty of only an attack on Prairie, the British Army invaded with a full out assault on the Mountain.  The way they were moving, it looked more like work than pleasure for those men.  They agreed it was work!

time to enjoy the view
Once back in the forest on the descent, it was business as usual to just get it done.  While doing so, I slipped out of control on the mud-fest section.  My wrist hurt like crazy.  After as thorough of an exam as I could do of it, I realized I would be fine.  

Remember that window of opportunity I talked about at the start?  As I exited the forest to the trail head and road, that window shut with a slam and I was hit.  For the 5 minute walk to my car, I was pelted with hail then pouring rain. Just call me a drowned rat!  I was drenched, soaked from head to toe, through all levels of layers.  But I was done so it didn't matter.  I'm just thankful it was perfect otherwise.  

I love when Mother Nature offers up perfection when it is needed.
 This is my way of showing it!


  1. Well done. Hope you had a change of clothes. Love the heart. At present I'm creating a quilt of hearts.

    1. Sure hope you share a photo of your heart quilt. The only quilting I ever did was a pillow and the pattern is called bear claw!


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