Friday, May 2, 2014

Boynton Canyon Sedona May 2, 2014

Boynton Canyon is to be my last hike of the day and of this trip.  The parking lot was only half full and that was a good sign.  As I was going in, I met lots of folks coming out.  I was happy about that, it would not be a busy canyon.  At the start I could see the area that I would end up at, which is somewhere in around between the back of that formation.  Oh yes, Boynton Canyon is a vortex!
As I went along the views were stunning.  What?  A few clouds?  Out of the blue?  Just like that?  Looking odd?  I stood here awhile watching those few puffs as they danced and transformed.  
For the first section there was not as much shade as I was expecting but that would come later.  
But I always love very defined shadow shots as seen here.  
X marks the spot!
What spot?
It is a pretty sight!
The last half kilometer was a brutal climb in the heat along a steeper rocky section.  I was determined to get there so just pushed on.  I was the only one there so took time for a destination shot by the cairn.  There was a slanted slickrock slope to settle down on for awhile and just feel the moment.  
I tried to feel more than just the moment, as this is a vortex, but no luck.  
All I noticed was this was absolutely a gorgeous sight and I took the time to appreciate the beauty. 
The hike back was a quick trip until I got out into the open again.  There we go again, that blue sky and greenery and red rock captured my attention.  I wanted to linger, not to let go, I wasn't ready to move on.  Moving on means its over!  I'm not ready for that!  But I know I have to close one door to open another.  So move on it is!  
I came to my own realization on what a vortex is!  From my experience, every vortex I visited in Sedona had absolutely beautiful scenery.  Beautiful scenery captures my attention and draws me in.  It takes me away from reality, away from stress and all cares and worries.  I feel good when I am taking the time to enjoy scenery.  I am always saying "I just want to feel the moment", or "Remember to Breathe"!  I know what taking time to do these things does for me, it brings me to a good place in my heart and in my soul!  I know now that my vortex is wherever or whenever I want it to be!  My mountain playground right here is full of them! 

This past week has been fabulous!  I cherish ever moment and have made wonderful memories.  I have new patches to sew on my pack meaning these memories will be with me for years to come every time I head "out & about".    


  1. Finally had time to sit with a coffee and immerse myself in your wonderful adventure in the Canyon and Sedona. Spectacular views, colours, land formations and skies. It would seem it was the 'perfect' time of year to visit. Now you are back north of the border, where the snow just doesn't seem to want to say goodbye. I too have just had a 4 day adventure, but it pales into insignificance in comparison to yours. I was, however, able to take time to breathe, feel the moment, jump, shout and appreciate the views and my 90 km [flat] accomplishment.

    1. Helen, Thank you for your comment! Now it's my turn to sit with a coffee and immerse myself in your amazing adventure! Looking forward to when you post your story. Covering 90km is quite the accomplishment no matter what.

  2. I'm so jealous, AZ is such a beautiful state. I love the colours and your wonderfully enthusiastic write up, how nice it is to see someone really enjoying themselves in a beautiful part of the world :)


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