Friday, May 2, 2014

Fay Canyon Sedona May 2, 2014

As each day came, the temperature rose and that means today was the hottest day yet.  My timing was perfect because my next two hikes today were into canyons.  Fay Canyon was just a hop skip and a jump from where I did Doe & Bear Mountains.  The trailhead was gorgeous with the blue sky, greenery and all that pretty dirt.  Clouds are few and far between these days.
Red Rock Secret Mountain Wilderness
This reminds me of something but I don't know what!
Fay Canyon was quiet and peaceful.  
The trail was narrow enough, soft enough, pretty enough.  
It meandered through the forest between the walls.  
It got narrower the further I went in.  
Can the desert be lush?
This forest seemed to be!
Today's shadow shot!
Getting near the end of the Canyon the walls were more vibrant in color.  
Once in as far as I could go, I scrambled up to a high place with a view.  This was the perfect spot for lunch and a rest.  In the far off distance was Courthouse Butte & Bell Rock.  I could see folks hiking the trail below and when they got to the open they all looked up.  I believe they wanted to be where I was but no one else ventured up.
This was not a long hike, but it made up in prettiness what it lacked in distance.  

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