Friday, May 2, 2014

Airport Loop & Table Top Sedona May 2, 2014

This is my last day to hike in Sedona and then it's time to head home tomorrow.  There are still so many places in this paradise that I want to see.  I shot out the door early today to make sure I had a large window of opportunity to fit hikes in, yes hikes, not just a hike.  I started my day off just a few minutes drive from my room at the Airport Loop Trail.  Before hitting the trailhead, I scooted to the side to capture Sedona as it comes to life this morning. 
Not only was I beginning the day early, others were too.  On the top center are folks looking like they are into a vortex-like feeling thing. Then, just down from them, a couple starts a new beginning as husband and wife.  The bride looked beautiful and what a handsome groom.  
The early morning light in areas was so pretty.  
This took finesse and I got exactly what I aimed for.  
This trail does loop around just below the Sedona Airport.  I was buzzed by small planes every now and then but I was O.K. with that.  At one point along the trail, there was a warning sign for low flying aircraft.  Not once did I have to duck though.  The views were wide open and I could see forever.
I took the Table Top extension.  The Airport area is suppose to be a vortex place.  I had to give it another go.  So, I opened myself up, went deep inside, I tried and tried, but no luck.  What does one have to do to feel what you are suppose to feel.  All I noticed was that this was absolutely a gorgeous sight and I took the time to appreciate the beauty.  I am noticing these vortex places have a trending theme...the views are gorgeous.
After getting off the Table Top, I hit the backside and the views of Sedona began to appear again.  Sedonians sure have wonderful scenery at their front and back door steps.  By the time I reached the trailhead, this place was happening.  Time for me to move on!   
Airports are not my favourite place but this Airport Loop hike this morning certainly was a beauty.  

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